ARS Promotions brings a decade of world class car racing experience to the table when it comes to capturing your motor sports event. We strive to create the experience of being right there with you. On the track, recording the event, with the final video packaged into a DVD that you can share with your friends and sell to your customers.

High Definition Video
We record your event with high quality video equipment that helps us capture the spirit and excitement of the experience. We painstakingly edit video for a seamless transition from one scene to the next for your viewing pleasure. Let’s be clear about one thing, though. We want to bring the real, raw experience home – and to do that we record what we see when it happens. This ain’t no California styled shoot and re-shoot the same scene over and over again to get the “perfect (lifeless) shot”… This is the real deal, the real event, right there with you.

Packaged DVD
We create your DVD to order. We can print as many copies as you’d like, so just let us know what you’re interested in and we make it happen. Each DVD is designed using video and photography from your event – from front to back, it’s about you and your vehicle.

Race Day Events
Every month during racing season, we host race day events for car enthusiasts to get together and race their pride and joys. Spectator entry is only $5 bucks, and racers have limited spots to allow for maximum track time – so be sure to sign up quickly! Race day events, are a great way to meet up with other enthusiasts, and get your car documented.